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About Northern Arizona Academic Services

Customized Tutoring Services For High School Students

Northern Arizona Academic Services was created in 2018 as a mentoring and tutoring service for high school students in the Camp Verde, Prescott Valley, and Cottonwood, AZ area. We also serve students all over Arizona or virtually online anywhere. Built upon the foundational principle of helping Arizona teens reach their fullest potential, we’ve helped hundreds of local high school students achieve their academic goals while simultaneously becoming more than they ever dreamed possible.

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Our Mission




Many tutoring services do only that … tutor. At Northern Arizona Academic Services, however, we take a three-pronged approach to setting our students up for success.


Through 1:1 tutoring, either virtually or in-person, our education professionals learn more about each student’s learning style and goals. Equipped with that information, they can then customize and implement a plan to help the student reach those goals efficiently while meeting their specific learning needs.


While our tutors do focus on academic subjects such as math, science, English, history, and electives, they also fill a mentoring role. Students become engaged in the learning process as they are shown how to realize their full potential by honing their organization, study, and test-taking skills. Our tutors are at their side every step of the way, providing guidance and encouragement as needed.


Academic knowledge is only one piece of the learning puzzle. The ultimate test is whether or not students are able to apply knowledge to real world situations such as the workplace or further education. We help our students prepare for these scenarios by coaching them through college admissions applications, requests for financial aid (via the FAFSA form), advanced testing, and even employment applications.

Meet the Northern Arizona Academic Services Board Members

The dedicated board members of Northern Arizona Academic Services are the driving force behind the transformation of our educational landscape. They are committed to creating a positive and nurturing environment that fosters the growth and development of Arizona students.

Lori Boyce

Jessica De La Cruz

Glenn Carroll

Christine Trevino

Gilbert Javalera

Patricia Martin

Brittany Gombar, FNP

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Meet the Northern Arizona Academic Services Team

Although each of our education professionals comes from a different background, they’re united by one purpose – to tutor, mentor, and prepare Arizona high school students for today’s academics and tomorrow’s life challenges. Each one brings a unique set of skills to the table, skills they readily share with students so they can become more and do more.

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Mrs. Trish Martin started in a public school as an after-school mentor at her children’s elementary school along with studying for her Associate’s degree in Business while her husband was in the Army. When she moved back to the Prescott area she worked in a small private school as an administrator/Kindergarten teacher. When that school moved to another state, she began working for a charter school as a Paraprofessional and became an English teacher after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education degree with an English Emphasis from Grand Canyon University. She has worked in education in one form or another since 2002. In 2019 she came aboard Northern Arizona Academic Services mentoring tutoring business and is enjoying her participation in this business venture.


Mrs. Lori Boyce started working with young people as a 4-H leader. She worked with a diverse group of 4-H’ers from horse club to market animal, public speaking and rocket club. In 2005 she was hired at a local charter as a Paraprofessional to help struggling students. She worked as a registrar, admin, and mentor. She also worked at a district school in the same roll as in the charter. She has been working in education in one form or another since 2005. In 2018 she started the Northern Arizona Academic Services mentoring tutoring business. She is very happy with her current participation in this business venture.


Mr. Glenn Carroll has been working in the education system for over 20 years. He is highly qualified in Math.


Ms. Lesli Nantze was born in Arizona. She has two beautiful girls who helped her discover what she wanted to do in life. She started her career in Early Childhood Education and found her passion in counseling. She recently graduated with her Associates of Arts in General Education from Yavapai Community College. Lesli has always had a passion for working with children. Her goal is to make sure that students are mentally, physically, and emotionally available and heard in school. She knows that this can be accomplished lovingly and encouragingly. She believes this is her opportunity to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable human beings by being a voice for them and guiding them to construct a remarkable life for themselves.


Jadyn Brandt obtained an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and became a member of the Northern Arizona Academic Services team in the 2023-2024 school year. She motivates our students to excel and provides support as they pursue their academic objectives.

Testimonials & Reviews

From Our Tutoring Students and Their Families

At Northern Arizona Academic Services, we believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to education. Every student has a unique way of learning as well as specific academic and personal goals. Rather than forcing a student to fit a particular learning or teaching style, we customize our tutoring to match the student’s strengths and personal preferences. Take a peek at some of the exciting results we’ve seen by reading these inspiring testimonials from a few of our tutoring students and their families. We’re thrilled that our 1:1 tutoring services have had such a significant impact on the educational experience of high school students in the Camp Verde, Prescott Valley, and Cottonwood area!

5 Stars
“The tutors are amazing. I was failing school and dropped out because of personal reasons. After meeting these amazing people I am back enrolled in school and getting the help I need to understand the subjects I was failing before. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help me achieve my diploma.”

— Current Student

5 Stars
“It was a great experience and the tutors are so helpful. I actually understand the work better now because of them.”

— Current Student

5 Stars
“My tutors made me realize how important it was to get school done and gave me the motivation to do so. They created an environment where kids would actually want to be. They always made it a point to establish a relationship with each of their clients so they can help them in any way possible, whether it was with school work or other issues we were having. Not only are they amazing tutors/teachers but they are amazing people who always listened and did their best to understand the students. I graduated in 2020 and they were the biggest reason why!”

— Past Student

5 Stars
“It was a blessing finding N. AZ Academic Services and I appreciate everything they have done for me. Without them I would have failed high school. Instead I graduated with the help I received from them in the subjects I struggled with.”

— Past Student 2022

5 Stars
“Thank you so much for what you have done for my kids, I so appreciate it. It takes a village to raise them and we are glad you are part of our village. Thank you so much for everything that you have done, we could not have done it without your help.”

— Past Parent 2022

5 Stars
“The tutors are amazing and have helped me so much through my schooling. I’m so grateful for your help and encouragement!”

— Past Student 2019

5 Stars
“I’m working toward being graduated from high school and I can already tell you’re going to help get there. Anytime I need help or I don’t understand a subject, you’re always there to help me get through the lesson or what I’m struggling with. You’ve worked with me when I can’t find the time for school work between my two boys and you’ve never given up on me. You’re by far the best tutor/teacher I’ve ever had.”

— Current Student

5 Stars
“Hey man I really wanted to thank you for helping me get this done and I appreciate all the efforts that were made for me to get this done.”

— Past Student 2022

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